Radio OPIE

Thanks for eight wonderful years, Michigan music fans!

What started as a little project that let me listen to the music on my desktop computer from a remote location while showing off my programming skills in order to get a job eventually grew into an Internet radio station with thousands of listeners and fans across the globe who shared a love for Michigan-based music.

In the process, we discovered a lot of great bands, made a ton of new friends, and became reconnected to the local music scene. It was a wonderful experience and it literally changed our lives for the better.

With great sadness, we've decided to end our participation in the Internet radio community and officially retired Radio OPIE on October 15, 2015. However, we fully plan on continuing to do what we can to support the local music scene.

Thanks again for the love and support, Michigan music fans!

Fan of our shows? Don't worry! You can still find them on the web.

Just Talkin With Sam

Just Talkin With Sam

Sam and friends bring you a fun uncensored comedy music & entertainment podcast that talks about any & everything and can be heard weekly on, iTunes & Stitcher. You can also find them on Facebook and on Instagram.

Gay Detroit Radio

Gay Detroit Radio

On his weekly show, host James Dee brings you talk, music, politics and humor, and also features music from local bands, gay and straight. Check out James on Facebook or at

The Final Countdown

Our final broadcast was hosted by founder John Vernier at 9pm ET on Thursday, October 15, 2015. John shared memories of the station and counted down the 25 most requested bands in the station's history. In case you missed it, here's a final countdown recap.

  1. The Seatbelts - I Want To Marry Patti Smith
  2. The Farleys - Now They're Dead
  3. Slumlord Radio - Fort Knox
  4. Vox Vera - Five Angels
  5. The Illegitimate Sons of Liberty - Super Robot
  6. 3 Phase - Breath
  1. Hyper Lytics - The One
  2. The Big 3 - Instigator (featuring AB Scam)
  3. The Outlaws Of Zen - Vomitus Eruptum
  4. Red Tape Riot - Home
  5. Matt Besey - Delivery
  6. 23 EXP - Far From Human
  1. Lost Reality - Nothing Left
  2. Solystic - Listen To Your Heart
  3. Nine Years Away - Nothing Changes
  4. Big Will - In My Zone
  5. FasterTaxi - Thinking of You
  6. Wicked Frenzy - Detroit Saturday Night
  1. The Insurgency - The Shock Doctrine
  2. Always Something - Almost Tomorrow
  3. Electric Corpse - She Lets The Light In
  4. Profit - Motor City Miracles
  5. GBMI - New Beginnings
  6. Six and the Sevens - All Your Life
And the most requested track in Radio OPIE history is...
  1. Bulletproof Snow - Punished For My Innocence

Thank you to all the listeners, fans, friends, and bands who took the time to vote in our countdown every week. You helped a lot of bands get exposure and airplay, and also turned us on to great new music every week. A special thank you to the bands who helped get the word out about our request/voting process and helped fuel our station's growth over the years.

Thank yous

We have so many people to thank for making our little Internet radio station what it was, and since we only have so much space, so we're just gonna say thank you to all the local bands and musicians who supported us, and who spread the word about us, and to all those folks who make the Detroit and Michigan music scenes the amazing thing that it is.

We'd also like to send a special shout out to those people who helped us provide original programming during our run, including the GBS Detroit folks "Shotgun" Mike Hostettler, Jeff "Fuzzy" Wenzel and Shawn Neal; also shout outs go to James Dee from Gay Detroit Radio and to Sam and Tasha from Just Talkin With Sam.

Last, but certainly not least, we thank each and every person who tuned in over the course of the last eight years. Without you, none of it would have been possible.