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Band of the Week 7/23/2012 - 3 Phase

Band of the Week 7/23/2012 - 3 Phase

This week's Radio OPIE Band of the Week is 3 Phase.

3 Phase is the Radio OPIE Band of the Week
3 Phase

3 Phase is made up of Burl Begley on vocals and bass, James Haas on guitar and Scott Knuth on drums. This hard-hitting metro Detroit-based band has a unique sound that can best be described as a blend of classic metal mixed with modern alternative rock with a sprinkle of industrial rock for good measure. If Iron Maiden, Tool and Our Lady Peace had a love child, the love child might be named 3 Phase.

We got a chance to sit down with 3 Phase and talk shop about the local music scene and about their band.

Radio OPIE: What bands or musicians influenced you guys both as individual musicians and as a band?

3 Phase: We were into a wide range of music growing up everything from Rock, Metal, and even Hip Hop. However, If we just had to choose a few I would say, bands like Tool, Kyuss, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against the Machine, Iron Madien, Alice and Chains, Deftones, and Clutch. There are many more we could name however.

RO: What is your favorite local venue to play?

3P: There are quite a few really nice venues in the Detroit area. We have really enjoyed playing at Rack n Roll in Riverview, MI and The Token Lounge in Westland. The staff was pleasant and the sound was awesome. New York New York has great sound as well. Hats of to Oak (NYNY's sound man). We personally enjoyed the UDetroit Cafe as well. The whole live performance/interview made that venue to us very interesting. We also think that the Machine Shop in Flint is perhaps one of the best music venues in the local area as well. Just because of the overall sound and amount of regular customers that frequent the establishment.

RO: What local bands or musicians from the past or present would we find on your iPod?

3P: Currently we have some Ted Nugent, Sponge, Eminem, We came as Romans, Nothing for Now, Bloodline Riot, and Kid Rock in the library.

RO: How did you guys meet?

3P: Drummer Scott Knuth, has known James the guitarist for a number of years. He was a good friend to his brother and they played in a band called Life in August. After Life in August had run its course Scott invited James to come jam with him and Burl Begley. Burl Begley played in top 40 cover bands for years but was tired of it. He wanted to be creative as we all did. We decided from the start to just let loose and see where the music took us. We really clicked as musicians and before we knew it 3 Phase was born.

RO: What is your favorite original song that you love playing live?

3P: We can honestly say that for the first time in an original project we love every song we have written. At the same time though some of the "hard hitter's" like Breath and Jacket in Hide really get the blood pumping. We have always had a little inside joke about this. If someone every asked us to play our "hit" we would just say this is our "hit" and play what ever was next on the set list. We can't express in words how much we enjoy the music we are writing together. We are very excited for our second album. We think it will show how we have grown together as song writers.

RO: Where and when is your next show?

3P: Our next booked date is August 31st at the Ritz in Warren, MI. That doesn't mean another one may come in between if we have the opportunity. We would like to take the foot off the gas just a little as we get ready to start recording our second full length album.

Our thanks to Burl, James and Scott for sitting down with Radio OPIE. And congratulations to 3 Phase for being this week's Band of the Week!

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