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Published on July 2nd, 2012 | by RadioOPIE

Detroit music wanted – contact us for submissions

Radio OPIE is on the lookout for new local Detroit music to add to our library. Are you a musician based in the Detroit, Michigan area? Do you have orignial music recorded that you think should get airplay on Radio OPIE? Let us know about it!

Musicians and bands:

Our main goal here at Radio OPIE is to provide a way for local Detroit bands and musicians to be heard on a global scale. We’re always on the lookout for new additions to our ever-growing library of local Detroit music. If you are a musician based out of or originally from the Detroit area and have original music recorded that you’d like us to play, contact us for details on how to submit your music to us for airplay.

We also play bands and artists from Michigan who are not from the Detroit area. We currently mix in Michigan-based artists in our regular rotation – we’re even making plans to launch an all-new show this fall that will feature Michigan bands and musicians who aren’t from the Detroit area. So if you are a musician or are in a band that calls Michigan home (but you’re not from the Detroit area), don’t be shy about contacting us!

Local Detroit music fans:

If you don’t have any local Detroit music to submit to us, you can still help out! There are literally thousands of Detroit- and Michigan-based bands out there from the past and present. If you are browsing our playlist and see that we are missing a band or musician, let us know! In addition to receiving submissions from Detroit- and Michigan-based bands, we also shop for both old and new local music on a regular basis. By letting us know that we’re missing something in our library, we’ll make sure we add it to the shopping list the next time we’re picking up local music to add.

Thanks for your support and keep on rocking, Michigan!

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