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New look

When we overhauled our website four months ago, most of the improvements were under the hood. Almost as an afterthought, we decided at the last minute to also give the website a new look.

In the four months since, the look of the website has slowly driven us crazy. We hated the layout. We hated the colors. We got complaints from our listeners that the site wasn't very user friendly. And most of all, we hated the god-awful wood panel background. Ugh! It reminded us of the tacky home decor we grew up with in the 1970's. God-awful!

We've been secretly planning on giving the site an improved look and feel before the end of 2011. Well, here we are in December and we were still putzing around with the old layout. Johnny had enough and stayed up late last night launching the new design.

Since you guys aren't exactly blowing up our inbox with donations to keep us afloat, we've decided to put a few unobtrusive ads on the site. We hope that this will help defray the cost of running things. We have no plans of advertising on the air now or ever, so don't freak out! We just need some help paying the bills. Our ads are from Google, Amazon, and our new web design and hosting company, so show them some love and click on the ads so we can make a few bucks.

Let us know what you think of the new design. It's still in Beta, so if there's something you'd like to see updated or fixed let us know and we'll get it fixed.

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