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Request your favorite local Detroit music – for free!

Did you know that you can request your favorite local Detroit music directly from our website? Even better, it’s absolutely free!

To request a song, all you need to do is go to our online library and browse to the artist you want to hear. When you click on the artist’s name, you are shown a list of all albums we have in our library from that artist. Click on an album title and you’ll see a list of songs on that album – notice that each song has a Request button next to the song title. Simply click on the button next to the song you want to hear, and your request will be delivered directly to the Radio OPIE studio.

Here’s the best part – each Friday at 6pm, we count down the week’s most requested tracks and bands in our weekly People’s Choice Countdown. Every time you request a song, your request acts as a “vote” for the band and song you’ve requested. The more requests you make on our website, the more you are supporting the bands that you request.

We’ve been asked how we tabulate the votes for the People’s Choice Countdown. Here’s the basics:

  • Bands and artists can only appear once in each week’s countdown. Each Friday morning, we take all the requests made in the previous week and total them up by band. We then take the ten bands that had the most requests in the previous week and feature them in our countdown. The position in the countdown corresponds to the position in our request list – in other words, the band with the most requests last week will be #1 in our weekly countdown, the second most requested band will be #2 in the countdown, and so on.
  • If a band makes our weekly countdown and has more than one song that received requests in the past week, we play the song by that band that had the most requests. In the event of a tie, we flip a coin to determine which song to play.
  • Weekly voting ends on Fridays at 9am. Any requests made after 9am Friday will count toward the following week’s countdown

In order to prevent hijacking of the request system, and to remain in compliance with federal Internet broadcasting regulations, we do have a few limits on requests:

  • At least 60 minutes must pass between the time your request is made and the time it is aired – this is federal law. We’d love to play your request right away, but unfortunately the rules are the rules so you have to wait 60 minutes before hearing your request play.
  • You can request 3 songs per IP address per hour. When you’ve exceeded this limit, the system will tell you that you’ve reached your request limit.
  • Our system has limits built in that will prevent a song from repeating within a given time. If you try to request a song that has recently played, the system will reject your request because not enough time has passed for the song to play again.
    • There are similar rules in effect that prevent songs from the same artist or from the same album repeating, although the time that needs to pass for each is different.

That’s it! Now that you know how our request system works, get over to our library and request your favorite local Detroit music! Thanks for tuning in and keep on rocking!