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Published on July 15th, 2012 | by RadioOPIE

The Return of the Radio OPIE Band of the Week

Starting July 16, 2012, we will be bringing back our popular Band of the Week feature!

Back in December of 2011, we announced a very popular show called the Radio OPIE Band of the Week. The idea was that each week we would pick a local Detroit band to feature . The featured band received a bio post on our website and each weeknight we played a half hour long block of music from that group. It was one of our most popular shows and the individual band of the week bio pages were among our highest-viewed pages on our website.

However, back in May we decided to suspend the Band of the Week show and featured band bios on our website. To make a long and uninteresting story short, in May we switched companies that handle our royalties and licensing payments to the bands that we play on Radio OPIE. Our new company has strict regulations in place regarding how often we can repeat songs and artists in a given time (to comply with federal internet broadcast law), and despite our best efforts this meant that our Band of the Week show was in danger of violating these regulations, so we suspended the show.

After much deliberating, we’ve decided to bring back the Band of the Week feature starting on Monday, July 15, 2012.

Here’s how it works:

Each Monday morning, we’ll be going through our list of local Detroit bands and artists in our library and we’ll select a group to feature. Just like before, we’ll be posting a bio on our website for that band that will include links to that band’s websites (like Facebook, Reverbnation, Bandcamp, etc). We won’t be playing a block of their tunes like we did before, but we will be featuring tracks from the Band of the Week throughout each day that week.

Come back tomorrow morning to find out who our not-quite-inaugural Band of the Week is going to be!


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