People’s Choice Countdown recap – 7/20/2012

Here is the OFFICIAL Radio OPIE People’s Choice Countdown for Friday, July 20, 2012:

Mainstreet Soul is this week's People's Choice!

Mainstreet Soul

10. Kedder Avant – Freedom Road

9. 3 Phase – Breath

8. FasterTaxi – Thinking of You

7. Treatment Bound – Wonder Why

6. Dirty Whiskey – Up In Smoke

5. Vox Vera - Thrown

4. Six and the Sevens – All Your Life

3. Rattletrap – No Tell Motel

2. A-Sho – Do What I Can’t

And this week’s top requested song… and NEW CHAMPION…

1. Mainstreet Soul – Black Dress Baby

Tune in next Friday at 6:00pm to hear next week’s top requested bands counted down. Be sure to visit our library and request songs to help your favorite local band make our countdown!

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