39th Annual St. Ignace Car Show

We have been making it a point to get out from inside the bars this summer and out into the light to meet tons of interesting people, support the local scene, and just bring more of the outside in again.

This week, we featured a small but true gem up in Northern Michigan, known as the St. Ignace Car show. Coming into it’s 39th year, this show has been an obvious stopping ground for car enthusiasts for decades. The great view of the Straits, and the smell of rubber and bleach just slightly hanging in the air. The stuff that makes you remember your Michigan heritage. We know we have always enjoyed coming up to see all of the great people and great vehicles on display. Plus all of the other venues and vendors are always a joy to talk with!

So without further adieu, please enjoy some highlights that we were able to grab from the show.

Please note that all of these images have been taken with Owner Permission. We do not have any Copyright on them.

Enjoy the images, enjoy the rides, and most of all, enjoy the summer!